The new Christmas. Trends and keys to success with your business

The new normal will last for a still indefinite time, which will cover a Christmas campaign very different from the one we are used to.

This year Christmas is printed with online, with multiple changes and challenges for consumers, retailers, hoteliers… This important time for many businesses, which every year gives a boost to the economy, is marked by uncertainty in 2020.

So which will be the main trends in the Christmas campaign this year?

Early purchases

Most users will make their purchases as soon as possible for different reasons. On the one hand, to take advantage of previous offers such as those of 11.11, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. In recent years, November has become the month for offers, bringing forward the Christmas shopping. In addition, the fear of increasing restrictive measures that could prevent the possibility of going to the physical stores to buy is another of the motivations for the purchase, added to the preference to avoid crowds of people. As for online, although this service will probably continue to function, the high demand will pose logistical challenges that make consumers prefer to ensure that their gifts arrive on time.

Everything online

Most consumers got used to shopping online during confinement, and in many cities in Spain have already been forced to return to this modality. In addition, those who have the possibility of going to physical shops have less preference for them than they did before, due to the risks associated with the Covid-19.

But this will not only be evident in the purchase of products but also in new ways of providing services such as catering. Delivery will in many cases be the only option for bars and restaurants, so they will have to boost this channel in order to keep minimum sales in the coming months.

In addition, many catering and event companies are perparing gifts for companies sent directly to employees’ homes, meetings where everyone receives their own piece of pie at home to make a great breakfast online and all sorts of ideas to move the celebrations to the safest possible environment.

For all this, Ecommerce and digital platforms will be the stars of this Christmas season.

Electronic Payments

Electronic payment was certainly the star of Ecommerce, but now it will also be in the physical channels. We have all seen how in this new normal contactless payment with card or mobile devices has grown rapidly becoming the preferred payment method for many. This change has occurred mainly for security reasons, avoiding touching coins and banknotes that have previously passed through different hands.

The word adaptation has never been so important in our environment. Only those businesses that know how to adapt will be able to overcome this crisis. The opportunities are there, no matter how unfavourable the environment, but large doses of imagination and innovation are needed to take advantage of them.

From Sipay, a payment gateway at the forefront of innovation, they highlight some points that shops should strengthen to face this Christmas. On the one hand, they must prepare their platforms to receive a large number of visitors and have a quick and easy checkout to avoid abandoned carts. To this end, the payment process will be a fundamental part and must be optimized and adapted to the needs and preferences of customers. On the other hand, logistics will be the other great pillar on which the success of the campaign will depend. A great deal of foresight will be needed to have the necessary stock and a fast and efficient delivery system. If these points are met, the Christmas campaign will have everything it needs to be a real success.

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