New consumption habits: digital consumer

The pandemic has modified many of our daily life aspects, marking new consumer habits and resulting in a more digital, omnichannel and environmentally committed consumer profile.

Covid-19 has had a great impact in our life in every way, changing our shopping habits and leading to new forms of consumption that will last after the pandemic.

As a result of this situation, businesses have been forced to accelerate their digital transformation, adapting their business model to an environment much more digital in which user experience acquires a differential value.

Undoubtedly, one of the great beneficiaries from this new scenario is ecommerce, whose sales have been increased notably since the lockdown began. According to data provided by the Salesforce Shopping Index, ecommerce has experienced an increase of 58% worldwide and a growth of 65% in Spain in the first trimester of 2021.

As data shows, the impact of the pandemic on ecommerce has been very positive, since it has modified and intensified some consumption habits that were not so widespread before. A report by Google Spain reveals that the percentage of consumers that make purchases online has grown by 70% reflecting a clear tendency towards buying preference through the online channel.

After having analysed ecommerce’s impact regarding consumption habits, what are the main profile characteristics of the new digital consumer?

A digital and technological consumer

The use of technology has allowed consumers to access any type of information quickly and instantly. According to a report by Vector ITC, 93% of Spanish population is connected to Internet and 72% of them make online purchases frequently.

Additionally, the need to maintain prevention and hygiene measures has led to the acceleration of digitalization, giving rise to a new, more digital consumer. Therefore, the use of contactless payments throughs cards, mobile phones or wearables has also been intensified, so there is no need to handle cash that has been previously in contact with other people.

A more thrifty, prudent, and responsible consumer

Due to the economic crisis caused by Covid-19, the 2021 consumer is more responsible and cautious about their expenses and in general has a more sensitive attitude towards price and promotions. When buying, they avoid unnecessary purchases and expenses and prefer investing their income in life experiences or in products or services that arouse some comforting emotion or feeling.

 An omnichannel and local consumer

This consumer profile makes greater use of digital channels, especially in the search of products or services that they intend to buy afterwards. However, when it comes to shopping, it is an omnichannel consumer that combines the physical channel with the online throughout the process.

In addition, regarding the origin of the products, they are open to buy local products to contribute to the support and revival of the Spanish economy that has been very damaged by the crisis.

A more sustainable and compromised consumer with environment

People are becoming increasingly aware of the environment and the impact their actions have on the planet. According to the How sustainability is fundamentally changing consumer preferences study by Capgemini. “79% of consumers are changing their shopping preferences based on the social responsibility, inclusion, or the environmental impact of their purchases”. It should be noted that this new consumer is more conscious with all these issues related to sustainability and more committed to purchase in sustainable brands.

In short, we can say that digital acceleration, shopping planning and price sensitivity, omnichannel purchases and sustainability and concern about the environment are some of the trends that characterize this new consumer profile of 2021 and will continue to gain importance in the future.

Sipay, the payment gateway specialized in digital solutions, highlight the need to know how to adapt the strategies of each business to this new consumer profile, much more digital and committed to environment guaranteeing a good experience for each of them.

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