6 ideas to increase your ecommerce’s average ticket

How do you get your users to buy more? All the keys for being a sales guru.

Increasing the average ticket is one of the keys to the business success, whether online or in person, as it means an increase in revenue and, therefore, a higher profit. There are different actions that we can carry out to achieve this increase, and throughout the article we will highlight those more focused on ecommerce (although in many cases they will also be applicable to face-to-face commerce, especially in an omnichannel environment like the one we have at present).

First, we need to understand what it really means to «increase the average ticket». It’s simple because it literally means that your consumer’s final ticket (i.e. the amount he or she will pay at checkout) is as high as possible. To do this, we must encourage the purchase or hiring of more products, services, or those that have a higher cost. To do this, here are some of the most effective techniques:

Free shipping

7 out of 10 consumers add more products to their shopping cart to avoid shipping costs. Therefore, establishing free shipping costs from a certain amount will help us to make the customer try to buy more to reach this minimum. In addition, it will also create a positive experience for the user by giving them the feeling that they have been rewarded for their purchase.

Customized recommendations

On many occasions, it is possible that a consumer who buys a certain product wants to buy other related products, because of their complementarity or simply because of affinity. For example, when a user decides to buy a laptop, we can recommend that he or she also buy a mouse and a keyboard. We could also show products that other people bought. For example, when buying a skirt we can show a shirt that other users bought with that skirt, or even the complete look, the complements, etc


Offering related items in the same package that add some value such as incorporating a product or service that is not available individually or getting a lower price than you would pay separately, can be a good way to output a greater number of outputs. With them it is possible to get a person who was only going to buy an ecological shampoo, to also buy a softener and a natural sponge. The most important thing is to know the user’s profile in order to offer him/her combinations that can really interest him/her.

Installment Payments

One of the most effective ways to increase the average ticket at the same time as conversion is to offer purchase financing options that are quick and easy for the consumer. Some payment service providers, such as Sipay’s payment gateway, offer this type of solution among their payment methods, which facilitates the integration of these and, therefore, the best experience for the final consumer.

Classic promotions

The simplest offers that have been used for years, especially in large stores, such as 3×2, can be equally effective in the online world and adapted to different sectors. The feeling that by buying one product you will pay a higher price than buying three and the need to take advantage of a unique offer will make the user want to buy three products or even look for other people to share and take advantage of this offer, so that we will not only sell more, but also gain new potential customers who may buy from us again in the future.

Discounts for the next purchase

In this case it is not a strategy to increase the average ticket as such, but rather to achieve repeat purchase and user loyalty, which will also be very positive for the business. The idea is to offer coupons or discount vouchers for the next purchase after the checkout is completed. It’s interesting that these discounts have a relatively close expiration date so that they are not forgotten, but rather that the feeling of urgency drives the next purchase.

The options to optimize the sales of an ecommerce are almost infinite and when we talk about the average ticket we should refer to creativity, which will be a great ally when it comes to finding strategies that adapt to our specific use case. Every business is different, and therefore it is important to take those tips that best suit our business and work on defining our own strategy.

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