Sipay Plus implements exceptional actions in response to Covid-19

From Sipay we would like to share our support with clients, partners, suppliers and the general public, as at this time, we know is a difficult time both at a personal and a business level.

Sipay announces it has taken the necessary preventive actions in the face of the situation caused by the COVID-19. Specifically, last Friday 13th March, Sipay’s Management Committee decided to implement the corresponding Contingency Plan.

This plan consists, mainly, of the immediate implementation of “work from home” for all our employees.

The implementation of these mechanisms is aligned with the necessary isolation policies to minimize the impact that COVID-19 could have and ensure continuity at all project management, administrative, commercial, technical, operational and logistical levels.

Thus, the Contingency Plan that began last Friday, March 13, will apply until the end of the state of alarm decreed by the government.

We would like to emphasize that our entire team is at the complete disposal of our clients through the usual communication channels to solve any doubt or need regarding our service.

From the company, we are continuously aware of the evolution of the political, economic and health situation in order to take the necessary steps at all times and offer the best possible service.

We hope the situation to return to normal as soon as possible, but for the moment #SipayStaysAtHome.

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