Who we are

Passionate about technology and customer experience, pursuing innovation in the payment methods

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People. Passion. Ideas.

We know that people are a fundamental pillar of the company’s success, since they are the ones who inspire each new idea and put all their energy into carrying it out. That is why our team grows every day, incorporating new people who, beyond their technical or industry knowledge, which of course is also important, bring something even more fundamental: passion.

Talent is our greatest resource and we must look after it and retain it, thanking people for their contribution to the company and creating a workspace where everyone can develop professionally and personally.

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Our DNA is composed of three basic values



At Sipay we encourage respect and honesty, as we believe that these are two essential ingredients in our company and in its interaction with the different agents with whom it interacts, whether they are clients or partners.

A relationship based on trust is always the best way to make things work, problems are minimized and failures can be solved as quickly as possible. For this to be possible, integrity must start from the inside of the business, from each of its employees and from the day-to-day, and then materialize in the general way of acting and in the basis on which our ideas are built.

liderazgo y compromiso

Leadership and commitment

There is no leadership without commitment, because a leader is not defined by his position but by his attitude and the ability to support, inspire and motivate the people around him. For this reason, it is important to have people capable of making their team always work 100%, strive to improve and have an exponential growth in both their knowledge and their level of work. Growth is something we cannot achieve alone, and that is why we want to do it together with our team and our customers, listening and learning from each other.

satisfacción del cliente

Obsession with customer satisfaction

All customers are different and have very specific needs. That is why we want to be allies in their projects, guiding their strategy in what we know best, which are payments. And to achieve this, we always place the end consumer at the center of the strategy, analyzing their needs and preferences, because we know that their satisfaction will be the greatest benefit we can offer to those businesses that trust us.

Innovation and Dynamism

Our sector, linked to technological advances, leaves us a scenario of constant change, in which the way of paying, as well as the needs of our clients, evolve unstoppably. We do not want to be only those who adapt, we also want to be part of the engine that drives innovation, which is why we seek research and continuous learning. In our philosophy nothing is impossible, because with technology everything can be done, and it only takes a little time and effort to move an idea forward.

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