Complementary Services

We know that every business are different and that is why we offer a whole range of possibilities that complete our main solutions.

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Business Intelligence

Nowadays, data has become an essential ally for business knowledge, improvement and decision making. Thanks to Sipay’s platform, you will be able to know the most important information about your business that will allow you to:

  • Knowing the patterns of consumer behavior.
  • Follow the evolution to detect trends.
  • Improve the customer experience by anticipating their needs.
  • Analyze the transaction characteristics.
  • Monitor the performance of your business.
  • Make decisions based on solid foundations.
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Installment Payments

Increase your store’s average ticket and sales by offering consumers the ability to easily defer their payments with Sipay Installment Payments.

Increased conversion rates for your business

Increase purchases and average ticket, especially in the sale of high value products.
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Physical, ecommerce, mobile or telephone channel

An omnichannel solution useful at any of the points of contact with the consumer.



Better shopping experience for the consumer

It allows you to buy without waiting those products that otherwise could not be purchased at the time.

Dynamic Currency Conversion

The perfect functionality to make payments easier for foreign customers and increase their confidence.

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Does your business receive foreign customers?

Boost your sales and build customer loyalty by allowing them to pay in their home currency thanks to this feature. This will make them feel much more comfortable when buying, knowing transparently the cost of the operation either in their currency or in the local currency.

What are the implications for the business?

Only advantages: the income from these sales will be realized in the merchant’s account in their usual currency (Euro), while you see your conversion rates increase and you attract more and more of these customers.

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Batch Processing

Sipay allows batch processing to meet the needs of different businesses. There are numerous use cases in which this technology can help speed up the payment process, making it as fast as possible and later processing all transactions at once.

This would be the case, for example, with road tolls where payment needs to be fast for cars to pass through, so processing is done later. If you have doubts about whether this functionality could be applied to your business, contact us and solve them easily.

Virtual Bank

It allows the control and management of balances and movements, thanks to the configuration of business rules that meet the collection needs of online and mobile merchants. Users can dispose of the balance in the way they prefer (making purchases, paying bills and receipts, withdrawing money from authorized points, sending the balance to other users, etc.).

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