Committed to our clients to offer them the solutions that best suit their business, placing the user experience at the center of our strategy. 

Tourism and leisure

Provides value, also during the payment

We improve the user experience thanks to solutions such as tokenization, which makes payments almost invisible. In addition, we facilitate sales to international customers by offering alternative payment methods and complementary solutions such as currency conversion. In this way, we are able to increase the confidence of the end consumer in our customers.


Speed up collections for a better experience.

If there is one reason why many remain loyal to face-to-face commerce, it is undoubtedly the shopping experience. We offer customers the possibility to pay easily, either with their card, smartphone or wearable and we reduce their waiting time to make them enjoy their visit to the establishment as much as possible. In addition, we help the merchant to configure their business rules to reduce financial costs.


Offer the highest security to your customers, also online.

We comply with the highest security standards, such as PCI DSS, to give consumers the confidence they need when shopping at an online store. In addition, we encourage recurring purchases and facilitate subscriptions through tokenization, which allows consumers’ card details to be stored for future purchases or recurring billing.


Stay at the forefront of innovation

We put our technology at the service of traditional banking in order to launch new services with an optimal time-to-market to cover the needs of their customers. In this evolving environment, barriers between competitors and partners are blurring to give way to synergies and collaborations that help the industry move in the same direction.